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Insurance & Cancellation


Insurance Policy

Although we aim to always complete every job the best way possible, damages are part of the industry. We offer basic coverage based on the weight of your belongings. In the event of loss or damage, our basic liability is $0.60 per pound, for all items. Weather they are lost or damages, our basic insurance will cover it.

Sometimes you can opt for our "Upgraded insurance", for additional coverage. This will cover you for $5 or $10 per pound, depending on the the insurance you chose. In the event you would like us to provide an Upgraded insurance, we also can, all we need is a detailed inventory of your belongings, so we can submit it to our insurance provider.

You can also choose a higher amount, still based on weight. However, the coverage cannot exceed the actual value of your belongings.

For our insurance to apply, you have to follow certain rules, we will not insure anything that you have previously packed yourself, that is because we simply have no idea how you packed it. However we will provide you with all packing instructions if required. Also, note that ready-to-assemble furniture (of the Swedish big-box store type), is not  covered unless disassembled by us.

For more details you can ask us for a copy of our insurance of  our insurance policies, or simply ask us.

Cancellation Policy

We know your time is valuable, and ours is too. Out of respect for our staff and our other clients, we ask that you give us at least 48 hours of notice, if you need to cancel your appointment.

​Please note that in the event you do not cancel your appointment 48 Hours before it is due, your deposit will not be refunded. If you cancel in the 48 hours, your deposit will be reimbursed to you. No questions asked.