10 hacks that will make your move easier

Moving can be a stressful experience. The better prepared you are for your upcoming move, the easier it will be. The Movx team are experts when it comes to moving. In this post, we're sharing our top hacks for making your next move as trouble-free as possible.

1.Declutter before you begin packing

You don't want to be packing away piles of mess only to unload them in your new space. Spend a day, or a couple of days, decluttering your current property in preparation for your move. During this time, you can decide what you want to keep, donate and throw away.

2. Start packing as early as possible

Begin packing your less used items as early as possible. Unfortunately, regular life doesn’t

disappear when you’re moving. If you’ve got a family or a job you need to keep track of, you

need to prioritize organization. Packing early gives you more free time and encourages a

smoother move.

3. Don’t leave donations and sales till the last minute

Once you've decluttered, you need to start donating, selling and throwing as soon as possible. Keeping items that you're not taking to your new location will make packing confusing. It's a good idea to get these items out of the way early to focus on what you need to move.

4. Pack up least used items first

Effective packing needs to be strategic. There's no point throwing all your belongings into

boxes, only to realize you need one of the items before you move. The items you use the least are unlikely to be required in the few weeks before your move. Pack these items first to get them out the way and get your move in motion.

5. Keep track of your essentials

Establish what are your daily essentials and designate a box for these. Daily essentials are

items you need quick access to on moving day. Food, medication, paperwork and kitchen

appliances might be part of your everyday essentials.

6. Reach out to a professional moving company in advance

Reach out to a professional moving company as soon as possible. By reaching out early, you

can ensure the company is available for your move and see if they're the right team for the job.

7. Prioritize clear communication with your movers

Working with a moving team is a partnership. Communicating with your potential movers will

help you gauge if you trust them. Make sure you inform them of any concerns you might have. A trusted moving company will always be willing to talk through your worries and give you the support you need.

8. Label each box and add a description

Imagine the chaos of trying to find your cutlery in piles of unlabelled brown boxes— that's going to be one frustrating dinner time! Labelling will make your life, and your move, much easier. Adding a description, saying which room in the new location the boxes need to go, is an added bonus!

9. Book time off work

If possible, try to book a couple of weeks off to load and unload your move. Moving is a time-consuming process, and you don't want to do yourself a disservice by not having adequate time to process your move at your own pace.

10. Put deadlines in place

Whilst not rushing your move and putting pressure on yourself is a priority, you don't want your move to go on forever. Establishing realistic deadlines helps you stay on track with your move. Inform your team of these deadlines and try your best to stick to them— you'll be thankful for it when the move is complete!

These ten moving hacks can help you have an organized and enjoyable move. The team at

Movx are passionate about helping make your move as easy as possible.

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