6 Moving Tips for Seniors in Canada

Updated: Apr 7

 Two seniors packing.
Two seniors packing.

Moving can be a very stressful process for anyone, and it tends to get even worse as we age. It is draining both physically and mentally and takes a lot of time. However, there are some things you can do to make it a lot more manageable. So, in order to help you out, we have put together a list of 6 moving tips for seniors in Canada, and we hope you find it helpful and informative.

1. Find help

To put it plainly, no one can move alone, especially seniors. Moving involves a lot of lifting and bending over, and needless to say, this can get pretty difficult with age. Don’t be afraid to call your family to help you out. Additionally, try to figure out how much of the move you can handle on your own and how much help you’ll need. That way, you will know for what you need to ask help. Finally, hiring residential moving services should be part of the plan. A DIY move is difficult at the best of times, and as a senior, you really shouldn’t even consider trying one. It’s much better to leave the move in the hands of professionals than to risk a DIY move, as there are too many things that you would need to get done.

Senior man hugging woman.
There is no shame in asking your family for help with moving, so be sure to do it if it’s needed.

2. Research your new home ahead of time

Obviously, a huge part of moving away is finding your new home. If you’re freshly retired, this decision is a pretty big one. Like any other country, Canada, too, has some very unfriendly places for retirees. So, before deciding on a new home, always be sure to research it ahead of time and make sure it’s a good place for you to spend your retirement. It can be challenging to find a suitable area to retire in, but that’s why it is so important to be careful. Also, ask your friends and family what they think about the topic. Someone might already know of a beautiful place you can move to, and a recommendation from someone you trust can be hard to beat.

3. Purge early and aggressively

Letting go of certain items can be tricky, but one of the best moving tips we can give to seniors in Canada is that decluttering is a vital part of the process. We understand keeping certain belongings because of sentimental value; however, there are almost certainly things around your home that you haven't used in years and have entirely forgotten about. So, while you're working on packing and preparing for the move, take the chance to get rid of some things. You can always donate, sell, or give them away to friends or family. However, if you haven't used it in a while and it doesn't hold value, it's time for it to go. Items like this will only add to your move's price, anyway. So, if they're only gathering dust, it's better not to keep them.

A person under a pile of cardboard boxes.
Purging your useless belongings is a very important part of the moving process.

4. Prepare for the weather

Canada’s weather is known for turning on a dime. As such, it’s essential to prepare for bad weather. Otherwise, you can plan your move during a time of the year when the weather is nicer. Spring and summer are the best times of the year you can move. Dealing with snow is terrible, and autumn rains often last very long. So, try to time your move to be in a time of the year which has more stable weather. Of course, hiring movers does a great deal to help with this, but you should know some questions to ask your residential movers before hiring them.

5. Plan well ahead of time

The moment you have a moving date in mind, you should start planning. Make a list of everything that will need to be done before moving with the date moving backward, and put a plan together to get it all done. Break the tasks into smaller pieces, so they are less overwhelming, and make sure you do a little every day. Make sure you give yourself lots of time and pay a lot of attention to packing. Since packing usually takes the most time out of anything during a move, it needs special attention. Alternatively, you should consider hiring professional packers instead. Ultimately, remember not to overwhelm yourself, just take your time and ask for help if necessary.

A planner on a table.
Having a good plan is one of the most important parts of a successful move.

6. Take it easy on moving day

When the big day arrives, remember to take it easy. Moving day is usually the most physically intensive part of a move, and for seniors, this can really show. Thus, let your movers do the heavy lifting and don’t force yourself. If you also got your family to help out, even better. That said, you can still do some of the work, but remember this: don’t push yourself to do something you can’t. This is a mistake a lot of seniors tend to make on a moving day. If you can feel that you’re simply unable to do a task, it’s better to let someone else do it.

6 Moving tips for seniors in Canada - conclusion

The moving process for seniors is even more challenging to organize and go through than usual. As such, it’s imperative to plan and consider everything carefully. Also, finding help is incredibly important and shouldn’t be ignored. Whether it’s asking family for help with packing or hiring movers, having help is vital. Pushing yourself too hard can have lasting consequences, so remember to take it easy and avoid overwhelming yourself. We hope you found this list of 8 moving tips for seniors in Canada helpful, and we wish you good luck with your relocation.

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