How to have a stress-free move with kids

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Kids playing on a couch
kids playing

Yes, it is possible to have a stress-free move with kids. Any huge event involving kids is quite demanding for parents, but when it comes to moving, there are certain methods that can actually make the process easier. You’ve probably heard a number of cliché tips such as – organize better. But this guide comes with specific advice that leads you through the process and helps you reach the new address with ease. Here’s how to move with kids – and save your sanity.

Don’t panic

It’s essential that you don’t panic. Even though moving house involves several important decisions and challenging tasks, you need to keep it together and never start panicking. To ensure you avoid stress, you need to remove the two causes of it – lack of time and lack of money.

Conquer the factor of time

One of the leading causes of stress is having little time to complete the tasks and therefore doing everything in a hectic, rather stressful manner. This will not only increase the stress but increase the risks of losing or damaging your items, as well as hurting yourself during the process. So, if you’ve decided to relocate months in advance – don’t leave the tasks until the last couple of days. Doing as much as possible beforehand will give you more time and energy to handle the moving day with ease.

Plan your finances

Lack of money is another significant cause of stress when moving house. That’s why you need to prepare well and plan your finances in detail. Estimate the costs of the move by contacting more than one moving company. Comparing a couple of estimates will give you a rough idea of the costs, but also make sure you’ve picked a reliable professional. However, to get a detailed estimate, make sure you talk to the company you hire and inspect the contract well. Furthermore, include all the additional costs into your budget – packing supplies, traveling costs, etc. Start saving money on time, so there are no unpleasant surprises on the big day.

Smart packing

If you’ve started preparing for the move on time, one of the tasks you should do is packing. To make this process easier, gather all the necessary supplies beforehand, but also find a place to store the boxes until the big day. Do the research and pick a storage unit that suits your needs in terms of the size and type of your belongings. Comparing a couple of options will ensure you know you made the right choice and your items will be safe until the big day comes - leaving no room for stress and hectic pre-move days.

kids drawing with paint
Kids drawing

Inform the kids

Unless your kids are babies, make sure you inform them about the move. Depending on their age, kids can react more or less negatively to the idea of moving house. Toddlers and young kids will be worried about leaving their room or backyard, while older kids will be sad about leaving their school and friends. It is important to be honest about the reason and time of the move, so they can properly prepare for what’s about to happen. Sudden moves can impact them negatively and make the adaptation process a lot harder.

Deal with their emotions

As we mentioned, kids can have all sorts of reactions to the fact they’re moving. To have a stress-free move with kids, you need to ensure they accept the change and won’t have any problems on moving day. That’s why it’s essential to be patient and understanding with them. Accept their emotions, and help them overcome the sadness. Suggest ways to stay in touch with their old friends and neighbors. More importantly, talk about all the good things that will come with this move. Explore the new city, school, and neighborhood together by using online sources. This will help them know what to expect and make the move easier.

kid playing with toys
Kid playing

Involve the kids in decision-making

If somebody decided to completely change our lives without our say in the process, we would probably feel pretty hurt. Well, the same thing happens with kids. To avoid rejection and similar negative emotions, try to involve the kids in the moving process. Ask them to assist you with making some decisions – especially those related to their belongings or their room. This will ensure they feel valued and important, making this change simpler.

Stay positive and optimistic If the kids see you all stressed out or worried, they will probably start feeling the same. That’s why it’s crucial for parents to stay positive and handle the move with optimism. We’re sure starting the preparations on time will be quite helpful here. If there are no problems with organization, you’ll feel much better and solve the moving tasks with ease. This will result in you being in a good mood – as well as your kids. Remember: if there’s a problem you’re struggling with, don’t try to hide it from your kids. Honesty is the key to a trustworthy relationship with your kids. Instead of being stressed out without saying why, try to be honest about the problem and show them the way how to solve it. Keep the routine going It’s enough that your lives are disrupted by moving house. For that reason, try to keep the daily routines going as much as possible. This may include the time of your meals, bedtime, and other routines related to these times of the day. Furthermore, try to continue these habits after the move. This will help the kids feel more secure and accept the changes much better. Prepare for the moving day Another essential step in having a stress-free move with kids is actually the last one. It’s important you prepare well for the big day. If possible, it’s best for your kids and pets to stay away from the moving boxes and not run around while heavy furniture is being carried out. Also, prepare for the road. Depending on how long you’ll be traveling to the new house, think about the fun activities they can do, prepare snacks, etc. Finally, pack separate boxes with essentials for the first night in the new house. Pack all the items you’ll need to get the kids to bed, as well as some of their favorite toys, electronics, etc. Make sure you can reach these quickly, not having to unpack numerous boxes to find them. And after the kids go to bed, relax and celebrate the end of this journey with your partner!

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