How to Make a Plan for Your Commercial Move

Moving a business is a demanding process that involves a number of different people. That's why everything you do about this relocation needs careful planning. The detailed organization will prevent unexpected problems and ensure a safe and smooth moving process. However, business owners usually don't know how to make a moving plan when faced with such a challenge. Luckily, we've come up with the guide perfect for such an occasion. In this article, you’ll learn how to make a plan for your commercial move and relocate your business stress-free.

Start with a moving schedule

When planning something this big, it is necessary to have a timeline to guide you through the smooth moving process. Handling something so complex needs guidance, and a carefully planned moving schedule is a way to do it. Start by listing all the main tasks you need to do until the moving day comes. Also, in case you remember something, be sure to add it to the list. This will ensure you don’t forget anything important, as commercial moves tend to be overwhelming.

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Prepping for a commercial move

Talk to your employees

As this move involves everybody in your company, be sure to talk to your employees about the relocation. Commercial moves are not a one-person job, and everybody should get their share of work. Be sure to inform them as soon as possible and see how they can help during the process. Everybody can declutter and pack their offices and desks or do some other move-related tasks. Either way, have a meeting dedicated to this event and talk about the main details everyone should know about.

Have a moving team

Depending on the size of your business, you might need to build a moving team to help you. It would be best if you had someone such as a manager or another employee to be a supervisor of the process. This is particularly important when you’re moving to a large or medium-sized office. They can be in charge of packing the offices, help out other employees and inform you about any problems that might appear. However, even though you trust them with specific tasks, make sure you stay up-to-date with the progress. Have regular meetings dedicated to the move and discuss the tasks at hand.

A team on a meeting
Have a team that can help you manage the moving process.

Create a moving budget

One of the essential steps of making a plan for your commercial move is creating the moving budget. Commercial relocation can get expensive, so be sure to know what to expect. Identify the costs by getting estimates from a couple of moving companies, talk to friends or partners who recently moved, etc. Determine the budget so you can see if there’s a need to reduce some costs before it’s too late.

Trust professionals

Like others rely on you because you are an expert in your industry, you should also trust experts when moving your offices. Even though this seems like a more expensive solution, it’s a lot more cost-effective than a DIY relocation. With professional movers, you don't need to worry about damaging the office furniture and electronics and injuries of you and your employees. If you have someone to deal with packing and transport, you can take care of other, more pressing tasks.

Be careful with online moving reviews

One way to find reliable professionals to handle your commercial move is to do online research. However, you must be very careful with this, as moving scams are unfortunately present in the moving industry. Be sure to get recommendations from friends, family, or partners first, and then go online to read reviews and visit moving companies' websites. Due to the rapid growth of the moving business, many scam companies have appeared as well. They create fake reviews that often mislead clients. That’s why you should always go for genuine feedback from real clients and read moving reviews on trustworthy websites.

Schedule a moving date and stick to it

Once you decide on your moving date and schedule your move with a moving company, make sure you stick to that date. Plan the tasks according to how much time you have left, so you don’t make the last couple of days too busy and overwhelming.

Looking for the rest of the team
Four co-workers planning a commercial move

Together with your employees, you can make a plan for your commercial move and do everything on time.

Notify people about the move

Apart from your employees, there are some other people you should inform about your relocation. So be sure to take a look at your contact list when you make a plan for your commercial move. Notify your partners and clients about the moving date, and provide new contact details. Don't forget the suppliers and all other people you do business with. This will ensure you continue the work after the move as soon as possible.

Make orders beforehand

If you need to purchase any additional furniture pieces or some electronics, be sure to order them beforehand. Schedule the delivery so it doesn't coincide with the moving day. However, make sure all the equipment arrives on time so you can minimize the downtime of your business and can set up everything as soon as you arrive.

Look for a storage

In case your new offices need more space, make sure you find an appropriate storage unit on time. Storage space can be beneficial for businesses. Thus, try to find one in a nearby location, so it is accessible whenever you need it.

Update your company’s information

When moving a business, you need to change your company's information in various places. Update info on your company’s website, all business accounts, as well as social media. Furthermore, contact your bank to change the information for all the accounts. And finally, don't forget the most common way people reach your offices – through Google. Update your GMB account and any other websites where your business might receive reviews from customers.

All of these steps are necessary to include when you make a plan for your commercial move. Even though it seems like a lot, the on-time organization will ensure a smooth moving process, and you will enjoy the new offices in no time.

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