5 Ways To Make Your Pet Comfortable In Your New Property

Updated: Jan 12

Moving house is never an easy task. The organization, preparation and manual labour are both physically and emotionally exhausting. If you've got children or pets, this experience becomes even more demanding. Not only do you have to think of yourself and your most cherished belongings, but you also have a whole other life to consider too.

If you're moving with pets soon, we've got some helpful hacks that guarantee you a smooth move.

Check your property is pet-proof

Before moving into your property, you'll want to check its pet-proof with no hazards. If you've got particularly naughty kittens, this might mean ensuring there are no exposed wires. And if you've got a caged animal, consider where they will go. Does your rabbit live inside or out, and is there enough space for their cage?

Cat owners will want a cat flap, so see if your property has one and organize one to be installed if not.

Plan Ahead

Whether you have cats, dogs, a rabbit or an exotic pet, you need to plan ahead. As soon as you've finalized a moving date, start thinking about where your animal is going to be on moving day. Will you need to book a kennel? Do you need to reach out to family and friends? Is their pet carrier suitable, or do you need to buy a new one? Ask yourself these questions and start organizing the whereabouts of your pet on moving day.

Set up a safe and comfortable space for your pet in the new property

We can often forget that moving house is stressful for our pets. Suddenly, they're made to leave everything they know and enter a new, unfamiliar environment. Although they'll soon adjust to their new space, it's important to make it as accommodating as possible. Set up a small area in the new house with your pet's favourite toys and comforts. Once they feel at ease here, they'll be happy to start exploring the rest of the house.

Change address with your vet

One of the biggest tasks when it comes to moving house is informing people of your new address. While telling friends and family can be done over a simple text, the bank and other crucial establishments require more formality. Amidst our callouts, we might forget to reach out to the vets and tell them our new address. Add them to your to-call list and let them know you've moved and whether you'll be continuing to use their services.

Let your cat adjust slowly

Cats have a level of freedom dogs don't, and with that comes increased anxiety surrounding a move. If your cat goes outside, keep them in for a few days. Making them familiar with their surroundings will enable them to find their way back to the new property. In addition to this, try gently exposing your cat to new areas of the house. Rather than letting them see the entire property, open up a room at a time for them to explore.

A house isn't a home without a pet. And these five tips will help ensure your pet loves your new property as much as you do. Remember, you're not the only one stressed out by this experience. It's likely your animal friend is suffering too. By tending to their needs and helping them adjust to their new space, you can guarantee a stress-free move for you and them.

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