The importance of writing moving company reviews

Updated: Feb 11

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Business reviews are the best way to advertise a company. People looking for services and

products often look at previous customers' experiences for guidance. Good or bad, reviews

always have a benefit. That is especially true for moving companies. Movers rarely work with

returning customers. Some exceptions are specialized moving services, like military relocations

or moving for work. In all other scenarios, movers need to look for new customers all the time.

Moving reviews will come in handy here because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of

moving companies on the market. Moving reviews are one strategy that allows a company to

stand out from the competition. With that in mind, let's talk about the importance of writing

moving company reviews and how those reviews help improve the business and the quality of


Why you should always leave a review

Many people don't leave reviews after using a service, which is understandable. They are often

busy with other stuff. Furthermore, some people are just not used to writing reviews, whether

they are satisfied with the service or not. However, it is crucial always to leave a review.

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Your feedback is important for multiple reasons:

  • it allows future customers to choose the right moving company;

  •  by leaving a review, you are supporting your community;

  •  feedback helps the movers improve their services and be better;

  •  it is possible to earn money from writing professional reviews;

  •  reviews help distinguish bad moving companies from good ones;

Let's see why each of these sections is important.

Help others find quality movers

If you went through a relocation at least once in your life, you know how stressful, time-

consuming, and expensive it may be. Leaving a good moving review will help other people find

quality movers and plan a relocation quickly. This is especially important for people who want

to move with kids stress-free. Your review will help someone.

Make your community better

By writing a review for a moving company, you connect other people with the movers. And, by

helping others, you are becoming a part of a better community. If everyone started helping each

other, we would live in a much better place.

Help movers improve their services

Moving companies often look for ways to make their services better. They use various software

to collect customer data and create affordable deals and discounted offers. Being a vendor

company for moving software, is in touch with many moving companies. From

their experience, the majority of changes moving companies implement are due to the reviews

left by their customers.

Reviews help them understand potential problems and improve the quality of the service. Every

review counts.

Earn money by writing professional reviews

A lot of people earn money by writing professionally. This is a very lucrative line of work. If you decide to write moving reviews, the moving company may reward you with discounts or gifts.

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5 star review

Some companies also allow special deals for future relocations. All of that for just a few minutes

of your time sounds like a pretty good deal.

There are even people who earn money by writing reviews as a part of their job. This does not

mean writing fake reviews. Writers usually appear as testers, get free services, and write reviews.

Everyone wants good, quality service

We already mentioned that moving is not cheap. However, the quality of service can be bad. If

you paid for a service you are not satisfied with, people need to know about that. Otherwise, the

company may never improve, and future clients will also be disappointed or angry.

Some people don't want to leave a bad review because they don't want to be a part of a negative

conversation. They usually leave only good reviews. However, bad ones are also helpful, both to

the movers and future customers. Do not shy away from leaving a review, even if it's a negative


Reviews allow moving companies to go for the customer-driven approach

A customer-driven approach is crucial in the moving industry because it dramatically improves

customer experience. Moving companies are trying to connect with each client on a personal

level. They want to make every experience unique. They deserve a moving review for their effort.

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Also, moving companies often reply to moving reviews. This is very good for the business.

Future clients will see that the company is communicating with the previous clients even after

the job is done. That brings everything to a whole new level and creates a sense of trust and


Responding to reviews is very important

Movers must reply to every review, good or bad. This is a unique opportunity to communicate

with the clients after the relocation and ensure that everything went as expected.

In case of a poor experience, movers must understand what went wrong and find a way to fix it.

One unsatisfied customer quickly turns into two, two to four, and so on.

Final thoughts on the importance of writing moving

company reviews

Writing moving company reviews takes time, but it has a massive impact on the moving

industry. Movers work with people on a very personal level. They help them move homes, pack

their personal belongings, and take care of the safety of their families. They should be rewarded

for a good effort. Also, all mistakes should be noted in the reviews to improve the quality of the

service and inform other people. We all need to raise awareness about leaving reviews after a

relocation. This should be everyone's opportunity to speak out.

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