Things to have in mind when moving your office

Office relocation is a very intricate process. Even more so than moving a household. And much like when moving a household, there are many things to keep in mind. Thus, we have put together a list of things to have in mind when moving your office.

Begin planning early

When moving your office, it is imperative to make thorough plans, so starting your planning early on is a good idea. To avoid last-minute scrambling to get everything ready, start divvying up who will be doing what early on and set deadlines on when these things should be done. On top of that, if you can find a blueprint of your new office space, take the time to plan out where everything will go once you move into your new space. All of these are part of making a good plan for your office move.

Appoint a move manager

When dividing work, it is essential to appoint someone who will make sure things progress. A person who can follow up on what needs to be done is vital to the moving of an office. Usually, the best person for this job is an administrative assistant. However, someone with past experience with commercial moving might be a better choice.

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Find the best moving company for you

A critical step in moving your office is finding a reliable moving company. If possible, it is always best to find a full-service moving company. But commercial moving tends to get very expensive very quickly. As such, it is advisable to get quotes from at least three moving companies before deciding on which one you will hire. Asking around for recommendations on moving companies with experience in moving offices is also a good idea. After all, movers with a good history in the field are always the best choice. In order to get an accurate quote, it would be a good call to have a representative of the moving company come to your office and fully scope it out.

Familiarize with building rules

Unless your company owns the building you are moving to, finding a full breakdown of all building rules is required. Maybe you will only be allowed to move outside business hours. Or, you might have to put in a special request to use the service elevator. These things will dictate the logistics of your move. Knowing the rules as soon as possible is vital, and keeping them in mind when planning is a must.

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Remember IT

The most common complication when relocating your office to a new space is disconnecting and reconnecting your tech. As soon as you have the exact date of your move, have your IT department prepare a plan for transferring all of your office equipment. This involves servers, phones, computers, the internet, and data plans. Remember, when it comes to delicate office equipment, sticking to the simplest way to transfer it is often the most efficient. This is a job you can't leave to your movers, so make sure your team has a plan prepared way ahead of the move itself to avoid any complications.

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Put in address change orders

Complications can arise if your documents aren't updated with your new address. Thus, updating your documents with your new address should be among the first few points of your to-do list. Also, you should order new business cards, envelopes, return labels, and so on as soon as you know your new address. If your clients ship things to you often, make sure to update them on the new location as well. It is much better to have updated documents on hand before the move instead of risking going without them for days or even weeks.

Have everyone pack their own desks

While your movers will take care of almost everything during the move, having your employees be responsible for their desks can be a huge help. Let your staff know when they will need to have their desks packed, and encourage them to get everything done bit by bit. Nobody likes having to pack last minute. So, make sure to give your staff a couple of hours off work a few weeks before the move to make sure they get everything packed up. This can also help with keeping everyone destressed before and after the move.

Move some non-essentials on your own

When relocating your office to a new space, simplifying moving day is generally a good call. If you have the option to relocate some things before the official move, you can simplify the process by moving things like office plants and bulk supplies on your own. Everything you don't have to move on the moving day itself makes the process easier. Of course, depending on the building you are moving to, this might not be possible. Still, it is worth giving it a try.

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Celebrate the new space

If you have the budget, planning for a small party after the move helps keep your employees' morale high. You don't have to be fully set up in your new space yet, and it doesn't have to be anything too big. Organizing a simple lunch as a "thank you" for everyone's cooperation is a kind gesture they will remember, and it will help your employees settle into the new space much faster.

In Conclusion

Moving your office might seem like a terrifying task. But, proper communication with your employees and careful planning ahead can make the entire thing almost enjoyable. We hope that this list of things to have in mind when moving your office helps you have a successful and smooth transition into your new office space.

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