5 Things I Wish My Movers Knew Before the Move

Moving to a new house is an exciting experience, but it’s also undoubtedly stressful. The weeks leading up to a move are a flurry of organizing, sorting, donating, and packing. You never realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years until you have to put it all into boxes.

During my last move, I managed to make the process a little bit easier by hiring movers. I finally have enough furniture and other items that it was too much to do all by myself. I hired professional movers to help me transport everything to my new place, and overall, the experience was a good one. However, there are a few things I wish my movers knew before the move.

  • I’d appreciate some guidance

This was actually my first experience hiring movers. I was nervous about paying people to move my belongings, and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. The stress from moving was heightened by trying a new service for the first time. A bit more communication from the movers would’ve been appreciated so I knew exactly what to expect the day of the move as well as what they needed from me. During the moving process, I wasn’t really sure where I needed to be, so I stood in the kitchen and felt like an awkward supervisor. If I was in the way or if my presence was unnecessary, it would’ve been helpful for someone to let me know in advance.

  • I’m inviting my friends

As a woman, safety is something I often think about. When looking at my moving day, I didn’t feel comfortable being alone with strangers. It’s nothing against my movers. They did a great job. My friends were just there to make me feel more comfortable and at ease on a stressful day.

  • I would’ve preferred to meet the team ahead of time

I had the opportunity to meet with a manager of the moving team when they came to look at my items and give me a quote. It would’ve been nice to actually meet a few members of the moving team before the big day, too. Meeting in person would’ve eased some of my anxiety and given me a contact person on the moving team to ask questions.

  • It’s OK to ask if you have questions

As the movers were unloading, I noticed a couple of times when they seemed confused about where to place a box or piece of furniture. I was more than happy to answer the questions, but they seemed hesitant to ask me about a label. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that will make the moving process run more smoothly.

  • I appreciate the help

Overall, I really appreciated everything my movers did. They saved me a whole lot of time by moving everything for me, and I also didn’t have to deal with a sore body the next day. Even though I was stressed during the process, I admired their efficiency and how effective they were at loading and unloading all of my belongings.

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