5 Things I Wish My Movers Knew

Updated: Jan 12

Moving house is never an easy feat. Over the years, I've become somewhat of a hoarder. Whether it's the countless paperbacks piled high on every shelf or the collection of summer dresses practically bursting from the seams of my wardrobe, I can't seem to part with my beloved belongings. Instead of sorting through my possessions and getting rid of a few bits before I moved, I did what any normal person would do and decided to pack all my beloved books and frocks into brown cardboard boxes and take them with me. Moving with so many cherished possessions, I decided to solicit the help of professional movers. The experience was a dream. However, there were a few things I wish I had told the movers before we began the process.

Everything Is Labelled

One of the best things about moving was getting to go a little crazy with the label maker. I made sure to label every box, disclosing what's inside, which room it's for and whether anything fragile was inside. I wish I'd told my movers this beforehand to avoid any questions relating to where each box needed to go and which had delicate materials in.

If I Get Stressed, It's Not Because Of You

Whilst going a little label-crazy was good fun, moving is overall an immensely stressful time. There's no avoiding the heightened emotions and frustration that comes with keeping everything organised 24/7. I'm sure I'm not the only one that can snap when stress levels are high. I wish I'd warned my movers of this, so they knew any aggressive emotions weren't aimed at them.

I'd Feel More Comfortable Meeting Them First

There are hundreds of movers in my local area. A quick Google search put me in contact with the movers I decided to hire. I was brash and made my decision quickly. Their reviews were good, and their online presence suggested they were experienced and professional. Luckily, they lived up to this reputation, and their work did not disappoint. One thing I wish I had done is meet them first. As an anxious person, I know I would have felt less stressed and fearful if I'd met one or some of the movers before the moving day. I wish they had reached out to see if I'd like to meet with them in person before agreeing to work together. I believe an informal meeting before the moving day would make clients feel more comfortable and confident about the process.

Everything Is Where It Needs To Be

I'm a highly organized person, and it comes in very handy with tasks such as moving house. I wish my movers had understood everything is in a place for a reason. Every box has its place and needs to be packed away and unpacked in the same order. Whilst this might seem unnecessary for some, it helps me in the long run and puts my anxious mind at ease. All the kitchen boxes being together and unpacked into the kitchen would have saved me time and tears later that day when I was struggling to find a knife and fork for that evening's takeaway

I Appreciate Their Hard Work And Expertise

Lastly, I wish my movers knew how much I appreciate the help they gave me. I wouldn't be able to move as quickly and easily without their hard work and expertise. It's difficult to vocalise your appreciation before what will be an extremely stressful day. I wish I’d taken the time to tell my movers that I am immensely grateful for their profession.

If you're moving house soon, I urge you to hire professional movers. A professional moving company will save you time and minimise your stress and anxieties on your moving day. Before you hire your movers, make sure to inform them of everything mentioned in this blog post to guarantee your moving experience is faultless and stress-free.

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