Three Steps To A Smooth Move

What You Should Do To Get Ready For Your Move

There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for a move. I’ve been there. You tell yourself, “I’ve got time!” and before you know it, it’s moving day.

You start by pulling out your boxes—shoot. You forgot boxes! Scratch that. You find every old grocery, duffel, and shopping bag you can scrounge up from the depths of your cupboards and closets and begin unceremoniously shoving your possessions into them.

You don’t have much time. The new inhabitants will arrive within hours, expecting a spic-and-span living space to claim as their own. Moving day is HERE. Stress is high because you aren’t prepared. Sound familiar? If so, you know you never want to feel that way again.

Better read on for the three most important things to do before you move.

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Figure Out A Pre-Move Game Plan

Don’t let this step stress you out. It’s as simple as answering and coming up with a strategy for a few basic things:

How much stuff do I own, and how much of it needs to come with me when I move?

Figuring out how much you’ll be moving is half the battle. No, really! Take a quick walk around your space, noting down anything large (furniture, appliances), and more generally, categories of items and their quantities. You can be pretty loose with your estimates (e.g., “five drawers of socks”). This is just to get your moving mind into gear.

What sort of packing materials do I need to safely and securely transfer my things?

Most items can fit neatly into conveniently stackable boxes of various sizes IF you have suitable packing materials. Your shortlist of materials should include:

  • boxes that won’t fall apart;

  • filler and bubble wrap to protect your items;

  • moving blankets;

  • bags to separate items within boxes (if need be) or wrangle loose items;

  • different coloured markers for labeling box contents by room (so whoever is bringing the box into your new home knows directly where to put it!)

What help might I require in moving my things safely and quickly to my new place?

This could be the help of Mom and Dad, friends, family, professional movers, or all of the above. The only thing I recommend for sure here is to never DIY an entire move. Your back will not appreciate it.

In the pro leagues, no coach goes into a game without a strategy and a playbook. Move like a pro and make a plan.

Speaking of pros, let’s “move” on to the next most important thing to do before you move …

  • Hire Professional Movers—But Not Just Any!

If the exercises in Step 1 above gives you pause about moving yourself without professional help, they should. The effort involved in moving is significant and can be very stressful.

When you hire highly rated, reasonably priced movers, not only do you save yourself time on moving day (and before, if you hire movers to pack up your things, too), you also:

  • Save your body from sheer exhaustion and possible injury; and

  • Make the unpacking and settling in process at your new place much easier.

Tips for hiring movers you can trust:

  • Always read reviews to learn what others’ experience with them has been.

  • Understand your budget and clarify all costs and fees in advance.

  • Ask about their process, any included moving materials or gear, protection policies, and insurance.

I moved without hiring professional movers many times in my younger years, and I regretted it every time. But I have NEVER regretted the times I have hired trusted, reliable, professional movers.

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t feel the same.

  • Pack It Up EARLY—And Ditch The Stuff You No Longer Need

Getting an early start to packing for your move will significantly reduce your stress come moving day, AND it lets you take advantage of the ideal time for you to purge anything you no longer need.

If you’re doing your own packing, assess items as you pack. Place anything you don’t want or need any more into the following piles:

  • Donate/Give Away

  • Sell

  • Toss/Recycle

Your new home can be a clean slate, housing only what you love and need.

Hmm, the appeal of that alone is tempting me to move again right now …

Now that you’ve seen how a little preparation can go a long way, what are you waiting for?

If you have a move coming up, it’s never too early to get yourself—and all your gear—into gear.

Happy moving!

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