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For most of us, settling into a new home is an exciting event. You may feel a sense of relief once the tedious packing part and the actual move are safely behind. But then, you have to deal with the aftermath of your move - unpacking. This may seem like a pending task standing in your way of destressing after the move and enjoying your new place. However, unpacking can be lots of fun if you approach it the right way. The best strategy is to divide your unpacking project into a few smaller portions and tackle them with zest instead of resentment. To help you nail this down, we have composed this easy-to-follow list of expert unpacking tips. Hence, here is what to unpack first after you move and make your new home a comfortable nest in no time.

Prepare the grounds for effective unpacking

Settling into your new abode with ease has much to do with the organization of your actual move. As there are specific steps to a smooth move you can take, there is also an effective way to ensure an effortless unboxing of your household. Before we get to what you should unpack first after you move in, here is how to make it easy for yourself. If your circumstances allow, make a point to visit your new place a couple of days before the final transfer. Like so, you can give it a thorough cleaning and save yourself from having to do it later with all of your possessions around. Besides, get a good layout of your new home and work out where you will place the bulky items, such as the sofa, large appliances, or piano.

Ensure the optimal outcome of your residential relocation

Hiring the right residential mover is instrumental for the good outcome of your relocation. An expert team will not only assist you with the transfer of your household treasures, but you will also get the benefit of organizing your possessions systematically. This will make your unpacking a lot easier. Hence, take the time to properly label your moving boxes and load them systematically on the moving truck. Remember that what goes last into the vehicle should be what you intend to unpack first after you move. Naturally, this would be your box of essentials. However, you should tackle a few other points to prevent your unboxing process from sliding into a mess.

A team delivering boxes
Delivery of boxes

Set up the large appliances first

Moving bulky pieces like a fridge or a washing machine around a fortress of moving boxes will be a challenge, as you may expect. Hence, first things first - install the large household appliances. Consult the installing manuals, and unless you can do it yourself, ask for professional advice. Your mover may help with mounting your large TV or hanging your artwork pieces. However, ensure that you designate adequate space for your appliances and they are functional before proceeding to the next step of moving in.

Layout the bulky furniture

In the ideal case scenario, you will already know the positioning of your furniture come moving day. Usually, many pieces will travel to your new abode disassembled in parts for their optimal protection. It is best if you can direct your movers to the exact spot where to place your large furniture items upon unloading them. Consider arriving at your new place at least an hour before the movers to figure this out unless you already have a good floor plan in mind. Some movers will also offer reassembling services as part of the moving package. So, consider if you will need this option when booking your moving services to help you choose the right moving company.

Your bed is the first thing that you will need to set up. After an exhausting day of moving, you will need some good rest, after all. Hence, put the bed frame together and place the mattress before making up your bed with covers and pillows. Thus, among the first things to unpack at your new home are your bedroom essentials. After this, you can proceed with setting up other large furniture pieces.

Tick off the main objectives on the list

Now that your new home has all the basics layered down, the remaining part of unpacking will be a rather pleasant task. Keep in mind that you do not have a deadline for unpacking. Though, this certainly does not mean that you should postpone it indefinitely. However, take it slowly and one step at a time in the days and weeks that follow.

On day 1 of moving, focus on the big picture, and set up the parts that ensure the functionality of your place. With this critical aspect sorted out, you can indulge in decorating your apartment with time to spare. Unpacking is about making your new home feel like home. So, do not rush, and rather than emptying those boxes just to see them out, design your effective unpacking plan. Layout bulky items and appliances upon transferring them to your new home

Start with unpacking your essential boxes

If you are moving with your family, each member should have their own essentials box prepared. It should contain personal items to help you spend the first night at your new place comfortably. Of course, the contents will vary based on each persons' individual needs. However, these are the staples that you should not forget when preparing your essentials box:

  • Medications

  • Important documents and personal electronics

  • Bathroom essentials

  • Bed linen and covers

  • A couple of spare changes of clothes

  • Some snacks

These are the things you should unpack first into your new home. The items you pack in your essentials box should help you make it through the first day with everything you need. Besides, you should not forget personal documents, as moving is hectic and it is easy to misplace important things. Hence, take note of this practical moving advice, and do not forget to prepare your essential moving box in the first place. Your essential moving box is what you should unpack first after you move

Mover moving boxes
Your essential moving box is what you should unpack first after you move

The final word on what to unpack first after you move

The first day in a new home is a cocktail of emotions. Hence, do not rush to unpack everything at once. Instead, make a point to ensure you will have all the essentials you need for the first 24 hours. Have your essential moving box thoroughly organized and clearly labeled. That is what you should unpack first after you move, and throw a proper unpacking party once you feel well-rested and ready for the challenge.

Make good use of the tips above, and you will find unpacking a rather fun process.

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