Ten Things to Do Before a Long-Distance Move

Moving to a new place always helps us look at life differently. Move to a new location, and you quickly see that visiting a place as a tourist and actually moving there are two very different things. There is nothing more exciting than moving into a new home but transporting your luggage is not a piece of cake. Packing for a new place might seem like an easy thing to do, but it can be hectic and challenging when it’s for a long distance.

No need to be overwhelmed! Here we will present you with ten important points to consider before relocating anywhere. Scroll down for the ten most

1. Make a list of the items you want to bring along

It’s damn confusing figuring out what to carry with you and what to discard. But don’t worry. We’ve got a useful guide for you. Go grab a pen and paper, and make a list of all the items you don’t want to leave behind.

First and foremost, what you must carry along is a first-aid kit so you won’t have to rush to the doctor for minor wounds. Keep your thermometer, bandages, antiseptics, and some painkillers handy as well. Other items can include your clothes, shoes, toiletries, basic cooking utensils, keys, batteries, essential gadgets like mobiles and laptops, etc.

2. Sort your belongings into boxes

Get started with your valuables. Pack a first-day box where you can keep all the things you will need to use immediately after you arrive in your new place. While organizing your stuff, make sure you put breakable, “handle-with-care” items in small compact boxes and sturdier lightweight items in large-sized boxes. For LED TVs and other large electronics, use their original boxes. Tape the packages properly and label each with different colored strips for easy identification. In this way, unboxing becomes much easier.

3. Sell your old, unwanted crap

Compress your luggage to a few essential items and a personal item, like a backpack. There is no need to bring everything along with you. Instead, sell some of your old, worn and torn, unwanted crap. Earn some cash to spend on new things.

Another optional but smart idea? You can rent out your old house. Doing so can really help your finances. Clean the house and water the plants before leaving, and don’t forget to hand over the keys to the new tenant.

4. Inform your workplace

Use proper etiquette and inform your workplace and other institutions about your new address. Collect your leaving certificate if you are a student and your experience certificate if you are a worker.

5. Enjoy a farewell party with friends and relatives

We grow to love where we live – our friends, neighbors, and relatives. So spare some time before your move to create some beautiful memories and capture those special moments. Arrange a farewell get-together or dinner party and have fun.

6. Protect your important documents

Compile your essential documents (birth certificates, passports, registrations, any ownership cards, etc.) separately in any suitcase or flat box.

7. Schedule a visit with your doctor or physician

Health is wealth! It’s better to have a safe and healthy journey than to get sick or injured along the way. Visit your family doctor or physician to ensure you are in good condition for travelling a long distance. Gather all medical, dental, and optical records for every person in your home.

8. Don’t forget to clear all previous bills and dues

Don’t forget to pay all of your home’s outstanding utility bills. It will be satisfying for you and, if you choose rent out the place, the new tenant. Leave your new address and a phone number at the old house, just in case.

9. Keep all batteries fully charged

Moving long-distance can be stressful if your phone or tablet batteries die. If you want a smooth journey, make sure to fully charge your mobile, tablet, and every other type of gadget. Take your power banks and all necessary cables with you. Driving while listening to your favourite music or watching a movie is the perfect way to enjoy your journey. Never forget to fully fuel whatever vehicle you are travelling in.

10. Set up a calendar and a daily routine before you leave

Last but not least, from the minute you decide to move until the minute you’re pulling away from the house, you will be spending each moment planning and packing. Make sure to maintain a specific spot for routinely used items like clothes, shoes, and jewellery. Otherwise, you may panic trying to recollect where you last placed them. This suggestion has proved very beneficial to others, and you’ll be glad you did it.

I hope all the suggestions and ideas listed above are helpful for anyone making a big move!

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